Monday, June 16, 2014

The Proposal of a Life-time

"Once in awhile, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
Love gives us a fairy-tale."
                               ~ by Anonymous ~

June, Friday the 13th.  Full moon rising up over Fort Myers Beach from the Sanibel Causeway view, Florida.

Friday June 13th, was a freaky Friday for me.  My heart raced, pounded, and jumped within its rib cages...   
Every photographer's worst nightmare came to life for me, so I thought.  

I'm used to being behind the camera and in charge of a session, but Friday the 13th of June I gave up that peace of mind and went in front of the lens with someone special.  About a year ago, I met a guy who quite literally swept me off my feet, and he does everyday.  I call him my Knerd (words knight-nerd combined) in Shining Armour because he has saved Lady In Pink Photography from the big bad "Technology Dragon" that threatens to stop post production many times.

To be in front of the lens is not an easy thing to think about, really it is easier done than said.  The nightmare began when we arrived home and our Lady In Pink Photographer, Charlotte, handed me the card to upload.  I noticed immediately that out of the 100 or more photos that we took, there were only a handful on the card.  My mind began to panic.  During my studies at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, I had to check out different cameras from their student supply, and many of the cameras were abused by students and once in a while the data was lost.  The only thing going through my mind was panic and fear that everything we just did was lost.  My panic soon vanished and was replaced with pure shock!  The LIPP team and Knerd in Shining Armour had pulled an amazing stunt!  

On my computer screen shown pictures of a brilliant ring and behind me down on his knees is Chris, with the same RING in a Tardis Ring Box!!!!  

The Lady In Pink Photography team members involved quickly pulled out the Compact Flash card with the our full moon images on them.  Still can't believe that it's now time to plan our own wedding!  I'll be looking to many past clients and now friends for help and suggestions on what to do and not to do.

Lightning starts to connect behind Suzie and Chris during their Lady In Pink Photography "I Do" Boutique Session on Sanibel Florida.

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