Thursday, July 23, 2015

1 Year on Earth

In a blink of an eye, that's all it takes for our little ones to grow up.  Within the first year babies grow so fast that every moment is precious.  What is a great way to celebrate their 1 year birthday?  A Smash the Cake Boutique Session.  

What is Smash the Cake Boutique Session?  Smash Cakes are tiny personalized cakes that your great big 1 year old can have the thrill of smashing all over!  Lady In Pink Photography knows many bakers in the area but the one we recommend with 5 stars is Lady Cakes.  Check them out!

 Looking forward to celebrating with you and your buga-boo! Book your Smash Cake Boutique Session today.  Find Lady In Pink Photography on Facebook or e-mail for available dates.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wedding bell memories

Picking out wedding photos can be fun but also overwhelming.  
Here are some tips to keep you from becoming overwhelmed.  

1.  List how many frames you have, what size picture, how many pictures the frame holds, and if the image is vertical or horizontal.  Make sure you do this before you even see your first proof from the professional photographer.
(Even go as far as to label frames with sticky notes to help remind you which frame is 1, 2, 3, 4... in the future)

2.  Bring the lists you've made and cellphone photos of each frame already placed where you want them in the house with you to your wedding photographer. 

3.  Look for the memories and people you want to remember on a daily basis.  The images that make you feel strong emotions when viewed are the ones to consider for frames or album.  

4.  Pick key moments from the day.  Ie.  Did he carry you down the isle as husband and wife for the first time?  Did your husband and his mother do a unique dance?  Pictures with family members.

5.  Remember your favorite formals of family, wedding party, and the NEW MR. and MRS!!!!!

Choosing wedding memories does not have to be overwhelming.  Picking out memories can be fun, easy, and an excuse to decorate the walls and bookshelves with memories in cute frames!

Let me know if you have questions on where to find the perfect frame for the perfect memory.  Find Lady In Pink Photography on Facebook or e-mail


Monday, May 18, 2015

The Digital Age

Printing family photos is very important.  The digital age is now.  We live on our phones, talk over seas via internet, and even keep all our memories on external drives.  This trend has been building for decades, with the digital age comes a small flaw for memories.  I call it "computer dementia" when all the digital memories you put onto a storage device are lost due to some unforeseen disaster.  Computer dementia is major problem!  How many others have had years and years of memories lost too?  It hurts!

There are so many ways to prevent memories and special moments to being lost forever due to an error, print them out.  I can't say it enough, print print print.  Print your memories on paper, on specialty products, or even in a custom album.  There are even apps available for cell phone print outs.  Groovebook is a great app for printing out your cell phone photos.

Lady In Pink Photography has made it their mission to make sure your memories last for generations.  Everything is printed on archival papers or products.  Our team makes it easy for you to keep your memories from fading and prevent "digital dementia."

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcoming 2015

Suzie and Chris in front of their first Christmas tree.

The word of the day is Family.

Leona Murray, Suzie's Grandmother
Family is my why.

This year think about "Why do you do what you do?"
"What is your why?" 

I wake up for family, I travel the world for family, and my family is everything I am.  Love, care, and the bond of a family made 2014 very special.  There were births this year and deaths.  In other words we celebrating that family bond many times.  
Thomas Dugan, Suzie's father.

As 2014 ends take a moment to remember everyone who has been family to you.  HAPPY NEW YEARS to you and your family from the Lady In Pink Photography family.

Sharon Dugan, Suzie's mother.

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