Thursday, July 8, 2010

South Seas Captiva, Dream Family

GOOD MORNING! There is nothing more exciting than waking up at 5:00 A.M. for a photo session on the beach.  Not just any beach either, I am lucky enough to be photographing at the tip of Captiva Island... I will have three sides of sand to play with!  Words cannot describe just how extremely excited for this morning I am.  In three hours I will be basking in the early morning sun gently moving over the Gulf of Mexico photographing a very fun family of four.  They are a family out of a dream.  All smiles, even yesterday when I showed up for our original photo session time slot at sunset and the rain was coming down in sheets all four of them were still smiling!  I find it refreshing that the human race can still find it in their hearts to smile even after everyday life. Well, 5:22 A.M. time to get moving and creative. Signing off and out. Suzie Dugan, Lady In Pink Photography Ps.  Here is a sample book I put together to showcase "Dream Family".

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