About the Artist

Suzie Dugan "The story-book photographer" of Lady In Pink Photography has made it her mission in life to mentor youth, celebrate life, and build a strong local community.  Suzie accomplishes this by volunteering her time and skills within two incredible communities; Learning For Life, Suzie's personal project: A Diary of Hope Volume 1: "Celebrating Life After Cancer".

Suzie sits actively on Learning For Life's marketing committee, she volunteers her skills in photography to help spread the word that Learning For Life is a fantastic program dedicated to teaching our youth about preventing bullying and guiding our young adults to find their life skills.  Learning For Life is an organization that Suzie fully believes in and is dedicated to making sure that our youth have a strong future.

The project A Diary of Hope Volume 1: "Celebrating Life After Cancer" started in 2009 when Suzie learned that her family has a history of battling and winning against breast cancer.  Two of the featured woman celebrating life in this coffee table book are family members of Suzie's.  Photographing her grandmother, cousin, along with women across our nation, celebrating their lives, was an eye opening experience and taught Suzie that there is much more to life than she originally thought.  A Diary of Hope Volume 1: "Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer" was released Oct. 1st 2011.  The books are still being sold and proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.  To purchase and donate to a hopeful cause please visit this link:  A Diary of Hope.  Every copy sold donates $5 to breast cancer research.

Suzie could not have accomplished everything she has done today without a sound education.  Suzie began exploring the world photography as a young girl, a point a shoot camera with something called film...  She would tell her 3 siblings to "Strike a pose".  While attending Lehigh Senior High School she found guidance in photography club.  After graduating LSHS in 2003, Suzie began an amazing journey to Florida's very own Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  Before her graduation date of March 2006, Suzie had found an amazing mentor, Larry Capdeville of Photography By Imaginations.  While training under a Master Photographer, Suzie was able to master her very own craft.  Suzie owes everything Lady In Pink Photography is today to her professors at AI and her training from Mr. Capdeville.

In today's slow economy Lady In Pink Photography has survived by having a sound business plan, a clear view of the market, and a heart that doesn't know how to stop giving. 

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