Friday, March 2, 2018

Save the Dates: 101

Wedding planning is really fun.  Save the dates are one of the most important items to send to guests you would like to invite who are out of state, who are super busy, or you haven't seen in a long time.  This can help guests plan ahead.

Save the dates can be as simple or creative as you would like.  For instants, a beach wedding I interned on in Miami (WAY BACK WHEN...2002... way before Lady In Pink Photography even was thought up of...) sent out a small bottle full of sand, shells, and a note saying "Save The Date..." to each of their guests.  It truly was all the guests talked about before the ceremony, "How creative!", "Really made me want to come today.", and, "Oh look the save the dates match their decorations!"...  They spent all night talking about how creative it was to send an item that was part of the theme.

Magnets are also a popular save the date.  My husband and I did that exact thing along with a DVD slideshow with his proposal to our family members.  
Our save the date. This is a 4x6 magnet.  We still see them on our family and friend's fridges.
DVD cover sent to family members, to view the slideshow proposal visit
Save the Dates need to be sent out early enough for guests to plan.  1 year is the earliest Save the Dates should go out.  Or as soon as you book your venue.  Never send out the save the dates without actually having a venue booked.   Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips.

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