Sunday, August 19, 2018

Planning your wedding day

As I sit here making sure we have everything for our fist time with a table at Bridal Blast 2018, I can't help but remember my own wedding night and running over our last minute list for day of with our families. 

My husband and I reflect often on the many months planning our wedding day.

We put so much effort, energy, time, and creativity into every detail and moment.  Our families helped pull everything together too.

My goal with our blog is to help you plan the perfect wedding day.  We know many of the local vendors - we have quite a long list of vendors that we recommend to our clients.  Recently we met up with a new make-up artist (new to me!)  I can't wait to share more about her - we are waiting for our first session with Beauty by Sabrina Shell.  Sabrina sent me a guest blog post to share with ya'll - once we have the an image from the upcoming session we will post everything together.

To make that last night before you turn from Miss to Mrs stress free, keep an ongoing list and a folder that EVERYONE knows is for the wedding.  This way your groom, maid-of-honor, mother-in-law-to-be, sister, mom, aunt, ect... knows where they can find information pertaining to every detail of the wedding.   My husband is an I.T. guy, he used Google docs and Google drive to do most of his part of the wedding planning.  He made updating the wedding guest list easy. 

Lists, organization, and constantly being in contact with your vendors and bridal party are three simple factors of putting together a fun memorable wedding day.

See you at Bridal Blast.

Peace, Love, and Laughter, Suzie Thompson  AKA Lady In Pink Photography
Destination wedding, Boldt Castle on Heart Island - New York

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