Monday, May 18, 2015

The Digital Age

Printing family photos is very important.  The digital age is now.  We live on our phones, talk over seas via internet, and even keep all our memories on external drives.  This trend has been building for decades, with the digital age comes a small flaw for memories.  I call it "computer dementia" when all the digital memories you put onto a storage device are lost due to some unforeseen disaster.  Computer dementia is major problem!  How many others have had years and years of memories lost too?  It hurts!

There are so many ways to prevent memories and special moments to being lost forever due to an error, print them out.  I can't say it enough, print print print.  Print your memories on paper, on specialty products, or even in a custom album.  There are even apps available for cell phone print outs.  Groovebook is a great app for printing out your cell phone photos.

Lady In Pink Photography has made it their mission to make sure your memories last for generations.  Everything is printed on archival papers or products.  Our team makes it easy for you to keep your memories from fading and prevent "digital dementia."

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