Friday, June 6, 2014

First steps

Salutations and happy last few weeks of spring to all.  Not sure about you, 2014 has been an amazing year to trump all years yet to come. . .  
Yet. . . It's already June and what?! I'm not READY!!!!!  How did summer sneak up so quickly?

Just one more image of spring.
I'm here today to share another Lady In Pink Confession.  This is a big one!  

Wait... Wait.. Are you ready the confession?
I, Suzie Dugan, am proud of my own company like a mom is proud of her own kids, sometimes it even feels as if LIPP has a personality of "her" own.  It's true.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone my little secret either!  The story begins in 2008... Early in the year, let's say Spring, I had noticed that weddings on the books for Photography By Imaginations' (my then employer) were down from previous years.  What was happening?  When the housing bubble burst in Florida, luxury items were first to go.  Wedding photography and high end portrait photography was one of the first items marked off and discarded for couples and families.  Long story short, my position was eliminated and young, scared, little me entered the job market again.  Even with an economic downturn there is always a need to express words with images.  

With summer looming ahead of me and nothing to do, I picked up a few retouching jobs in Fort Myers and started my first draft of Lady In Pink Photography's business plan.  At the time, "her" name was Susan Dugan Photography.  As many businesses begin to take shape and form their visions, things can change.  Nicknames can become so important that they begin to shape and form into something bigger than imagined.  This was happening to me... Every time I went out with my camera to photograph a sunset or something tourist like, people would make me blush by calling out, "Hey, lady in pink, come over here and take our photo too." and may I remind you I'm always covered head to toe in PINK.  By the time draft one was completed it was beyond obvious that we had a new name, a mission statement, and was ready to open the doors by October 2008.

5 years and 8 months later and bringing us back up to the present day.  Many goals written into the business plan have been achieved and now the business plan is evolving and changing to ensure LIPP will be around to continue providing memories.  

Thank you for taking a moment to read another confession from the lady in pink, time to get back to photo editing.

Bring on the summer sunsets!!!!!!

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