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Q and A: Lady In Pink Photography

Suzie Dugan in costume, do you know about October 4th 2014?
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Recently many great questions have come in from Lady In Pink Photography fans and friends during conversations.  I've taken the time to combine the questions that were asked the most.  Here are the top 5 questions asked over this past summer:

Q: I've placed my product/print order with LIPP.  I'm too excited, when and how do I get my order?

A:  Lady In Pink Photography has two different delivery methods.  Your memories will arrive within 2-4 weeks from order date, depending on item.  The moment your memories come in, one of the LIPP team members will call you to come into the LIPP home office to pick up your memories.  Lady In Pink Photography also gives you the option to ship your prints and products for the cost of shipping.  

Q:  We just finished our Boutique Session with Lady In Pink Photography, we love our sneak peeks.  Now, how do I view my proofs and pick out my poses?

A:  Post production on most LIPP Boutique Sessions is 2 weeks.  A LIPP team member will call you 1 to 2 weeks after your Boutique Session to set up your viewing session.   Viewing sessions usually take 1 to 2 hours.  1 hour is standard for 2015 Grad Boutiques, My Family and Me Boutiques, and Perfect Pets Boutiques viewing sessions.  The only time 2 hours is standard for a viewing session is during a Something Blue Boutique Session.  Brides and Grooms on average have 600 images to sort through, an album design to approve, and an average of 20 poses to print.   Lady In Pink Photography opened their home office in January of 2014 in order to provide fans more availability.  We are located in Fort Myers Florida, conveniently by Tanger Outlets, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, and Bunche Beach. Please call 239-896-3785 for address and directions.

Q:  What paper type does Lady In Pink Photography use?

A:  Lady In Pink Photography prints all memories on metallic photographic paper.  Albums are printed on fine art matte paper.  We also have products that are printed directly onto metal.  Lady In Pink Photography has samples of each product for you to view, touch, and even try on.  Try on you ask?  We added fine photographic jewelry January of 2013. 

Q: I like what I see, and want a Lady In Pink Photography Boutique Session.  How do I book LIPP?

A:  Easy as 1, 2, 3.  
1.  Call Suzie - 239-896-3785, tell her how you heard about LIPP.  
2.  "Pic"-out the best print package for you. Set Date, Time, and Location for your Boutique Session.
3.  Print out, fill in, sign, and return contract with 50% deposit to hold your date.
Once you book with LIPP, and even before, you can earn free prints and products.  Ask Suzie how!

Q:  What happens if it rains?

A:  Good question, the answer is a LONG one.  Florida is full of Summer surprise showers,  including severe lightning-storms.   Lady In Pink Photography asks that you at least give rain a try, some of our most romantic or memorable sessions have been in the middle of a rainstorm.  Understand that we are a small photography company and we are in high demand, in order to meet everyone's demands we do not reschedule for THREAT of bad weather.  Florida's 7 day forecast usually says it is going to rain.  In order to provide you with stress free photography, let the LIPP team members worry about the rain and weather. The Lady In Pink Photography policy states, "In case of severe weather, LIPP will reschedule at no fee for next available date and time.  If client chooses to reschedule within 24 hours due to THREAT of rain, LIPP charges another 50% to hold next available date and time."  The reason LIPP put this policy in place, many of the locations that are available for photo-sessions outdoors have overhangs or indoors that we can use too.  As long as there is no lightning there is no threat to being outdoors.  Florida rainstorms are over sometimes within minutes and provide dramatic backgrounds, sometimes even rainbows.  When we come to the hour before your Boutique Session  and the weather is too severe, you will NOT lose your deposit.  Weather is not something we can control, you can reschedule for a date that looks to have a better forecast.
Mia's 2013 Grad Boutique Session, was wet and rainy the full time.
We stayed primarily under the bridge at Centennial Park Downtown Fort Myers.

Mia's 2013 Grad Boutique Session, was wet and rainy the full time.  
We stayed primarily under the bridge at Centennial Park Downtown Fort Myers.

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