Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Forest Country Club

Photographing weddings and events is a true pleasure and joy!  November 2013, Lady In Pink Photography walked into a venue, The Forest Country Club, with bride, Chelsie, for our final meeting.  This was my first time in the country club.  The minute we walked in and sat down to talk about all the little details for Chelsie and Mark's upcoming wedding day, someone came up and made sure we were okay or if we needed anything.  They even brought us coffee!!!!  So experience #1 was AMAZING!  

Day of the event...  Could not have been more impressed with everything!  The staff was courteous to the guests AND above and beyond that to the Lady In Pink Photography team. They made sure we had plenty water or coffee (THANK YOU!!!! The coffee picked me up to get me home after a long and joyful day.)  Some staff members even made suggestions for good locations to photograph at.  The Forest Country Club really puts in 120% for every event they house.  

Time passes, present day June 2014...  Chelsie and her husband have already received their albums, photographs, and memories.  Lady In Pink Photography get's an e-mail from Sara at The Forest Country Club (Side note, she's amazing!) asking for a photo or two from Chelsie and Mark's wedding day.  First thing I did was contact BOTH bride and groom and make sure it was okay to hang up their beautiful portrait in the Country Club... They said "YES!"  

While delivering the 16x20 portrait to Sara I took a small cellphone video of the Forest Country Club to give you an idea of how beautiful it really is!  Enjoy your sneak peek of a beautiful local venue.

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