Friday, June 20, 2014

Precious Life

Photography is a media that immortalizes everyone and everything.  

From the beginning people asked me, "Why photography as a profession?"  

Suzie (Me) 3 years old.
My obsession with pink did start young...
Memories are precious, photographs tell so much with so little spoken.  As a young child I had met many of my family members and parent's friends before I "knew" them, all through the use of photographs.  My mother, grandmothers, aunts, and other family members had family albums and photographs everywhere in their homes.  There are many found memories of mommy and me time where mom is showing me pictures of our family and asking "Who is this?"  If I didn't know the answer she had one for me.  Please keep in mind I'm about 3 years old in these memories.  


Sharon (My Mom) and Thomas (My Dad) 
I'm just like my mom. She taught me how important family and friends are and how to make sure to remember everyone special or important.  After the past 5 years of running a photography company, I have asked myself, "Should I have been a dentist?", the answer is NO!  

Leona Murray
 (My maternal grandmother)
This April my family lost a very important member, my maternal grandmother.  Leona, aka "Grandma Murray" taught me many valuable life lessons.  If my profession had been dentistry, Leona would have had the best teeth in the neighborhood.  But that's all I would have been left with.  With photography I had the chance to get close to someone who had more strength and courage than the bravest soldiers.  Leona sat with Lady In Pink Photography for an interview into her personal life and was featured in book written by the LIPP team.   The book, A Diary of Hope, Volume #1: "Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer.", was written to help give hope to women just finding out that they are going to face a battle against breast cancer, all proceeds from book sales are donated to breast cancer research.  

Over the last 5 years, even I'm shocked at how many clients, friends, and family members Lady In Pink Photography has said goodbye to.  Having provided many other families, besides my own, with the peace of mind that their families will also be remembered is what makes photography my choice career.  Please take a moment to meet a few individuals LIPP was lucky enough to photograph and have known at all.  Each one has changed my life in one way or another.

Flower.  He was the best smelling skunk, we said goodbye in 2012.
Pete, passed away before the prints were delivered.  We said goodbye in 2012
Kelly, 29 years young.  Said goodbye 2014.
On the flip side of being able to provide peace of mind to clients, the Lady In Pink Photography team has welcomed just as many, if not more, new lives into the world.  These are Lady In Pink Photography team member's FAVORITE SESSIONS!!!!!  Just in the last year we have said "Hello" to 3 new tiny cute little babies and we have many new pets too!  Pictured below are a few brand new individuals in our world!
John, 3 months young, we said hello 2013

Dora Mae, 9 months young, we said hello 2014

Jensen, 3 weeks young.  We said hello 2014

Bailey, 1 year young.  We said hello 2014
Lucas, 9 months young.  We said hello 2013

LIPP was even lucky enough to find this young Great Blue Heron Baby!  We said hello 2014.
 Cannot wait to see who else the Lady In Pink Photography team members meet this year and next!!!!  Looking forward to many more years of providing memories and moments to clients, friends, and family.  I know, that when the time comes to put the camera down and retire, that Lady In Pink Photography will have given many households and families the precious gift of everlasting memories.

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