Thursday, July 23, 2015

1 Year on Earth

In a blink of an eye, that's all it takes for our little ones to grow up.  Within the first year babies grow so fast that every moment is precious.  What is a great way to celebrate their 1 year birthday?  A Smash the Cake Boutique Session.  

What is Smash the Cake Boutique Session?  Smash Cakes are tiny personalized cakes that your great big 1 year old can have the thrill of smashing all over!  Lady In Pink Photography knows many bakers in the area but the one we recommend with 5 stars is Lady Cakes.  Check them out!

 Looking forward to celebrating with you and your buga-boo! Book your Smash Cake Boutique Session today.  Find Lady In Pink Photography on Facebook or e-mail for available dates.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wedding bell memories

Picking out wedding photos can be fun but also overwhelming.  
Here are some tips to keep you from becoming overwhelmed.  

1.  List how many frames you have, what size picture, how many pictures the frame holds, and if the image is vertical or horizontal.  Make sure you do this before you even see your first proof from the professional photographer.
(Even go as far as to label frames with sticky notes to help remind you which frame is 1, 2, 3, 4... in the future)

2.  Bring the lists you've made and cellphone photos of each frame already placed where you want them in the house with you to your wedding photographer. 

3.  Look for the memories and people you want to remember on a daily basis.  The images that make you feel strong emotions when viewed are the ones to consider for frames or album.  

4.  Pick key moments from the day.  Ie.  Did he carry you down the isle as husband and wife for the first time?  Did your husband and his mother do a unique dance?  Pictures with family members.

5.  Remember your favorite formals of family, wedding party, and the NEW MR. and MRS!!!!!

Choosing wedding memories does not have to be overwhelming.  Picking out memories can be fun, easy, and an excuse to decorate the walls and bookshelves with memories in cute frames!

Let me know if you have questions on where to find the perfect frame for the perfect memory.  Find Lady In Pink Photography on Facebook or e-mail


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcoming 2015

Suzie and Chris in front of their first Christmas tree.

The word of the day is Family.

Leona Murray, Suzie's Grandmother
Family is my why.

This year think about "Why do you do what you do?"
"What is your why?" 

I wake up for family, I travel the world for family, and my family is everything I am.  Love, care, and the bond of a family made 2014 very special.  There were births this year and deaths.  In other words we celebrating that family bond many times.  
Thomas Dugan, Suzie's father.

As 2014 ends take a moment to remember everyone who has been family to you.  HAPPY NEW YEARS to you and your family from the Lady In Pink Photography family.

Sharon Dugan, Suzie's mother.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 to 2015 - New Years Resolution

After a very joy filled holiday season, with many surprise visits from Santa.  I'm sitting in the Lady In Pink Photography headquarters contemplating on 2014 goals achieved and goal setting for the 2015 and beyond.  

Lady In Pink Photography Headquarters.  Suzie's office.
2014 was a monumental stepping stone for Lady In Pink Photography, the LIPP team had planned and worked hard to make sure that many goals set back in 2008 were achieved.  WE DID ACHIEVE EVERY SINGLE ONE SET! The goals were set during a business course taught by Don Sheffield at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  Mr. Sheffield actually cared about teaching industry standards in business and in trade of photography.  He had a wealth of knowledge.  In our last business class Sheffield had each of his students write out a goal list, address a stamped envelope, and turn it in.  He then years later mailed out each letter.  The day I got mine was shortly after starting Lady In Pink Photography.  By that time half the list was checked off.  Today I start a new list. 

During Lady In Pink Photography's BNI - Platinum Professionals' lunch meeting, our president - Chris Cosma - asked for New Years resolutions.  The first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Keep on doing what I'm doing".  After saying it, I felt powerful, excited, finally ready for the New Year.  What am I doing already that is working out for success?  Achieving goals early, taking the proper steps to achieve them, setting new goals regularly, and helping others achieve their own goals.  

2015 is going to be a year full of memories made!

Leave a comment with one of your New Years resolutions, looking forward to ringing in the 2015!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Event Planning 101: Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most magical and stressful parts a bride has to plan for.  When shopping for the right dress many key factors come into play.  Style, color, size, accents, budget, alterations, and the list of things to think about keep going.   

Special features of blushing bride Ashley's dress, pockets!

The most important factor is how the dress makes a blushing bride feel when she puts it on.  My wedding dress was even more of a challenge, I wanted something with color.  After photographing weddings for 11 years, I knew my dress had to be different and reflect me and my fiance too.  

Special feature of blushing bride Charlotte's wedding dress, orange sash sewn on by mother and sister of bride and Grooms cape worn by Charlotte down the isle.  
After 6 months of looking and trying and discouragement and days wasted on just not right, I finally found it. . . The perfect dress.  It twirls just right, fits just right (NO Alterations needed!!!!!), and was well within my budget, which ladies... this means... I get to splurge on my accessories!  So the question every new bride to be planning her wedding asks, "How and when did you know the dress was THE dress?".   I've asked past and future Lady In Pink Photography brides the same question.  They just simply knew.  My "know moment" was when I twirled.  As soon as I finished the twirl, I knew the jewelry and accessories I would need to find, and hair style that would work with the dress.   I could picture how I would look with everything put together too.

Special feature of blushing bride Chyann's wedding dress, she wore the color blue!
Some of the best features our brides have raved about their wedding dresses; pockets, bustles, detachable train, built in corset/bra, cleaning service provided by the bridal store post wedding, the alterations made to make it perfect, and the compliments they received during the wedding day.

Special feature of blushing bride Chelsie's wedding dress,intricate bead-work, slit up front, and corset top.
To help make finding your dress easy, here are some of Lady In Pink Photography favorite locations in Lee County to find the perfect fit.  

Alfred Angelo - every style and color for each unique bride.  Should have an appointment, but they do accept walk ins. Love working with the staff.  (Ps.  they have mirrors EVERYWHERE!)
Special feature of blushing bride Janelle's wedding dress,
found at a second hand thrift store and had altered to perfection.
For the Bride - caters towards making the bride feel special and beautiful.  Designer gowns.  Must have an appointment to try on wedding gowns.  We had a blast!
Saks Fifth Avenue Bell Tower Shops - Jimmy was amazing to help find the most unique and beautiful designs on the floor.  He also took my information to let me know when new designs came in, he has sent me handfuls of e-mails with new arrivals. I felt like a princess with my own personally dress shopper.  Great place to find brides-maid and mother attire.
Goodwill Boutique Downtown Fort Myers - They are always getting in wedding dresses.  Some antique, some modern.  Every time we went in they had something new.  We found a close runner up there, it was 4 sizes too big and could have been altered down.
Neiman Marcus Last Call Mirimar Outlets - This is where we found THE DRESS!  It was so magical too!  The staff members were helpful and happy to be there.  The dresses were simply elegant!  I had my 2 junior bridesmaids pick out 6 beautiful dresses.  Each one had to be unique and different from the other, the girls were a joy to listen babble about how each dress looked.  The thing about 9 and 10 year old ladies, they are honest!  They would make faces at the bad dresses and oooooh and awwwwwww over the best ones.  They crossed fingers to hope "This dress is the one!".   In the end, Neiman and Marcus had the perfect fit, find, and flair for me.  It's all in the twirl.

Special feature to blushing bride Rebekah's wedding dress, bustled easily to make the perfect dress for an outdoor celebration and dancing after a rainstorm. 
We're curious at the Lady In Pink Photography headquarters to where you found your wedding dress.  Leave a comment with a photo of you in your wedding dress, where you got it, and WHY you loved your dress too.  Happy posting.   

Monday, October 13, 2014

Something Blue Boutique: J.R. and Ashley

Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Ramsey September 20th 2014
"Distance is to love like wind is to fire...
it extinguishes the small and kindles the great!"  ~Anonymous~

J.R. and Ashley are two souls meant to have found each other in this life.  Their story starts far from home and is only beginning of their tale to be told.  
Talk about fairy-tale love!   

They met in a land far far away from Ashley's home, Ohio, in Colorado.  A simple miss-understood question turned into a night of dancing while Ashley was visiting a dear friend. With just the one evening of dancing, J.R. and Ashley were left dizzy and giddy.  Just like every fairy-tale ever told, there is a twist... Much like the prince in Cinderella, J.R. was left in Colorado with nothing more than a memory of a girl who stole his heart and a small clue to find her.  Instead of being left with a shoe he was left with a name, a wrong name.  He had miss heard Ashley as Emily.  Ashley's poor prince searched the world for a girl who he couldn't find, he searched and searched without any luck in finding the girl of his dreams.  As many love stories - this one has a happy ending too!  When Ashley went back to visit her friend, J.R. and Ashley reconnected.  The rest is history!  They traveled long and far to grow the love that began with a simple evening out.  

Please enjoy part 1 of 3 of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey's wedding day memories.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey's wedding day was full of love, laughter, tears, and romance.  Please enjoy their proof slide-show, keep a tissue box handy... You'll need it!

Part 2 of 3, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey's wedding memories.

Thank you for enjoying their wedding slide-show.  The romance and celebration felt during their wedding day was contagious, the LIPP team was honored to have celebrated with Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey and loved ones!  

3rd and final part of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey's wedding day memories.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What is a Professional Photographer?

Way Too Tall Torrie, Lady In Pink Photography,
and mentor Maryellen Montana LSHS
Recently Lady In Pink Photography and Lehigh Senior High School teamed up to create the LIPP Intern program and Photography Kidz Club with the Explorers program.  A question was posed by a young student, last time Suzie Dugan went into speak about being a photographer professionally.  "What is a professional photographer?"  Very good question.  Instead of answering the questions, Miss Montana and Suzie Dugan opened the question up to the class.  

"What is a Professional Photographer?"

Some of the best and most interesting answers appeared from the student body. Such as:

"Wears a uniform."

"Uses a DSLR camera"

"Has more than one lens"

"Understands lighting and posing"

"Provides clients memories printed on unique products and pro-grade papers"

The answers they came up were fantastic!  Loved everyone of them.  When we opened up another question to the class, such as, "What kind of uniforms do photographers wear?".  The answers were just as good again.

"Polo shirt and jeans with logo" - many school photographers choose this method for their branding and durability.  I've worked with Smile Studio House of Photography for years, our uniform is the company logo on a black or white polo shirt worn with jeans or nicer pants.  Jeans are perfect for photographing preschool children.  We work hard at posing children carefully.  We need to be able to move easily and know our cloths will withstand the constant movement.  From experience, we need new jeans within months. When we go on location to a fancy event we match each other and dress in professional attire appropriate to the situation.  

"Matching Attire" - this answer was from a Lady In Pink Photography Intern.  LIPP asks interns and LIPP team members to wear black and pink when out on location photographing.  We have branded Lady In Pink Photography with the colors black and pink everywhere!

"Matching Uniforms" - many themed photography booths at medieval fests, comic conventions, historical sites, and themed parties will ask their photography team members to wear age appropriate attire.  This helps the photographers blend into the atmosphere.  

Lady In Photography is excited to have a partnership with the school that set Suzie Dugan, owner of LIPP, on the path towards running a photography company.  Yes, Lehigh Senior High School produced a young female entrepreneur!  GO LEHIGH LIGHTING!  Thank you for having educators who thought outside the box with their guidance.  

Many of the youth who come through the LIPP internship program have been inspired to go after their dreams.  Lady In Pink Photography is currently mentoring Sachima, her dream is to open up her very own photographic studio.  She has been one of the leading founders of what the LIPP Internship Program is today.  

Lehigh Senior High School students really summed up what a professional photographer is.  "A professional photographer has a brand, understands their equipment, and provides clients with memories printed on quality paper or products that won't fade."  Couldn't have said it better.  Professional photographers are hired to provide you with the memories you want to keep, we let you live in the moment.

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