Monday, October 3, 2011

A Diary Of Hope, Volume #1: "Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer"

A Diary of Hope, Volume #1: "Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer"  is a personal journey that Suzie Dugan "The Storybook Photographer" has been taking for almost 2 years.  

It all started in 2009 when Suzie's cousin Molly announced she had breast cancer and would soon undergo a double mastectomy.  Molly was an inspiration to Suzie, even though Molly was about to take on a battle for her life, she always had a positive attitude.   The more Suzie spoke with family members, the more she learned.  Suzie found that her very own maternal grandmother had battled breast cancer in 19 79 and won.  Two out of Suzie's three sisters, one four years younger than Suzie, have had benign lumps removed from their breasts.  Very quickly Suzie began to feel overwhelmed.  She needed to find a way to help prevent future pain and loss.  

With Suzie's photographic skills, her passion for words, and a desire to give back to her community A Diary of Hope, Volume #1: "Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer"  was born.  She has spent the last 2 years photographing 10 woman who have battled and won against breast cancer.  Each story is as unique as the woman herself.  

A Diary of Hope, Volume #1: "Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer" Collector's Edition will be sold only during the month of October.  There are two different versions, the standard version and the collector's addition that includes more photographs accompanied by quotes from each of the inspirational women who are featured in Volume #1.

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Lady In Pink Photography will begin photographing, A Diary of Hope, Volume #2 "Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer" November 1st.  If you have anyone in mind or if you would like to participate please call 239-896-3785 and mention Volume #2.  

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 Click HERE to view Susan G. Komen's video using Lady In Pink Photography's image.

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